Welcome to the Historic Monrovia Walking Tour! Using this website as your guide, you will be able to travel to and learn about six historical buildings in our wonderful town. The map below will show each stop's location, and the corresponding video will give you the building's story. We recommend bringing earbuds or headphones since it can be loud outside. If you are with a group, you may want to bring a tablet and speaker so that everybody can see and hear! If you would like to view the videos without streaming them, you can download each video by clicking the button below.​


To learn about the stop you are at, simply select the stop number under the map, and then tap the green up arrow once you have finished. Have fun!

Monrovia Walking Tour Map


1. The Aztec hotel (311 w. Foothill Blvd.)


2. The Leven Oaks Hotel (120 s. myrtle ave.)

3. 136 N. ivy ave.


4. The grand view hotel (415 s. ivy ave.)


5. The southern counties gas company building (114 e. Lemon ave.)


6. The captain Johnson home (210 w. Colorado blvd.)


Download Videos

Special thanks to the Monrovia Legacy Project, completed by the Monrovia Historical Society, for providing historic photos and information for the tour! To explore their project including countless historic photos and documents click the link:

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